Warranty Period

Products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship starting from the shipping date of Cyber World. Cyber World provides 1-2 years warranty for its products. For the Supermicro Server grade computer products, Digital Signage products, the products with panel unit like the display and panel computer, the warranty period will be 1 year. The warranty policy for ODM/ OEM products shall be defined by ODM/ OEM contact individually. The Cyber World warranty is subject to change without notice.

If you are not sure whether your product is still within the warranty period, or you would like to have further warranty information, please contact our sales representative to inquire.

Exclusion of Warranty

The product is found to be defective after expiration of the warranty period

Physical damage of the product, caused by the user

Improper or inadequate maintenance or modification

Missing or broken parts or components

Missing or broken serial number label

Foreign object inside the product

Software, media, parts or supplies not provided or supported by Cyber World

DOA (Defect On Arrival)

If the product fails to function upon initial arrival, the customer should contact the sales representative or RMA department to determine if the product is DOA. The DOA returns must be requested within 14 days of the Cyber World delivery date. The returned goods must not be damaged, altered or marked, and include all parts and accessories as originally shipped, along with proof of purchase. If any returned goods do not meet above-mentioned requirement may be subject to additional restocking charges as determined by the RMA department. Damaged items are not accepted.

Service Packages

Protect your investment and gain peace of mind with Cyber World’s service plans. Whether it’s an issue on efficiency, budget control, or after sales support, we are here to help. Please contact our sales representative for further information.

Warranty Extension Services

The extended warranty service can be purchased along with your product, we provide 1 to 3 years extended warranty service to help customers manage their maintenance budget in advance.

Onsite Maintenance Services

Cyber World maintenance team provides high-quality remote assistance and onsite support for your hardware and system, helping you to increase equipment uptime and productivity.

You have the flexibility to select optional service features and choose from several response-time, repair commitment and product coverage to meet your specific needs.

Upgrade Services

We concern you’re seeking of up-to-date technologies, Cyber World provides an upgrade service that allows you to upgrade old hardware or software without paying the full price for new replacements. Certainly, we will evaluate your hardware/ software upgrades specification, and test the compatibility in advance.

Product Training Services

Learning a new system/ hardware takes time and difficult. Cyber World expertise offers you the product or software training how to use your system easily. Training can be arranged at on-site/ Cyber World demo room, one on one / group training also can be provided. Your specific requirements can be fulfilled by customized training program.