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Sep 2016

(CWC): Waterproof Touch PPC for F&B Automation

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Cyber World Creations (HK) Ltd.
Ideal for freezing or high temperature conditions within food processing environments
Flat panel design prevents accumulation of dust and moisture; makes cleaning easier
Can withstand vibration up to 2G, 5 to 500 Hz
Work efficiently and reliability in harsh environments against hazards including dust, dirt, water, oil, and chemicals
Very suitable for mounting in food and chemical industries, pharmaceutical industry, transportation and oil pipeline monitoring
Applications and Benefits:

The automated system are applied to inspection lines and logistics management system to control the use of material and stock in a more efficient way. Moving to automated system yields a good return on investment.

More intelligent in cost containment and reduction
Perform mutiple tasks faster
Longer working hours
Less errors and variability than human workers