OEM/ODM Design Service

Cyber World offers OEM or industrial computing customization services to meet the requirements of clients seeking customized products in small to medium quantities with fast time-to-market turnaround. Our expertise and experience lies in design implementation, quick prototyping, on-time delivery and RMA/ repairing services to our clients.

Design To Order Services (System DTOS) is a design service which provides tailor-made systems or boards to meet specific application requirements through advanced, innovative and world leading technologies, diverse levels of customization, flexibility of manufacture, and global technical & logistical support.

It included:
• Customization
• Integration
• Validation
• Certification


• Mechanical customization
• Cosmetic customization
• System customization

• System assembly & integration
• OS installation & application pre-loaded
• Professional project management

• System reliability test
• Functional test
• Thermal test

• Safety regulatory
• Vertical-centric certification

Cyber World offers specific BIOS Customization Services to help customers create unique BIOS solutions and differential embedded products, for example: Fast Boot, OEM Logo, LCD brightness control, optional ROM, multiple Super IO, embedded controllers and security features.

Embedded BIOS
Embedded OS