Automatic Truck Loading Record System (ATLRS)

  • Tailored solution to display all parcel quantity and destination location of every chutes in real-time
  • Effectively reduce labour costs
  • Successfully implemented in the Leading Logistics Company in China and HK

Industrial Handheld and Mobility Solutions for vehicle gatehouse barrier & card control

  • Complete range of industrial handheld devices coupled with stable wireless communication networks (4F/ WIFI)
  • Allow the control center to easily control different terminals mounted in any place on the wharf
  • Optimize the efficiency of container handling


ODM Project - Electronics Jewelry Display Trays

  • Used for displaying the jewelry info. of the selected items which are put on the tray.
  • Enhance security by alerting the staff if there is jewelry missing from the tray under abnormal process.
  • Improve efficiency. Staff can issue the bill directly instead of going to backend for the bill


Automated Passenger Clearance System (e-Channel)

  • Connect to different COM devices such as ID Card Reader, Channel Gate, Fingerprint Reader, Sensor, LED Display, etc.
  • Reliable System to support 7×24 Application

Digital Video Surveillance System

  • Custom-made Solution for Digital Video Surveillance System (DVSS)
  • Successfully implemented in different Disciplined Services Department


Flight information display systems (FIDS)

  • Display comprehensive flight information to passengers
  • The digital displays are easily controlled in the embedded computing system
  • Allow the arrivals and departures flight information show in real-time

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) System

  • Provides real-time passenger information
  • Wide temperature semi-outdoor Industrial Computing Platform
  • Installed in bus stops to display the estimated time of arrival information
  • Serving 2,600,000 passengers every day

Passengers information display system (PIDS)

  • Display of arrival schedule
  • Revenue generation source for advertising
  • Display of emergency and ad-hoc messages
  • Display of real-time information such as News, Weather


ODM - Payment Console for Printers

  • Tailored solution to display all parcel quantity and destination location of every chutes in real-time
  • Facilitating Tasks Management of Printing Services in various Applications
  • Successfully implemented in the Large Coporates and Universities in HK