Vertical Market

Cyber World is a system integrator which able to assist you in implementing different types of display solutions as an end to end solution. If you are looking for assistance on a particular vertical market to implement display solution, Cyber World can consult on the best products, services, installation options, and additional support. This ensures that your system is completed correctly and results in increased profitability.

Our e-Directory System enables you to guide visitors to specific shops, departments, and floors while improving experiences by providing them instant access to on-demand information.

You will be able seamlessly blend your malls branding, facility wayfinding, tenant sales, food court menu, coupons, and 3rd party apps into a compelling, easy to manage, all-in-one visual communications platform.

• Floorplans are developed under 3D technology
• Directions automatically are generated once a destination is selected
• All directions are based on shortest path & ease of accessibility (Smart Pathway Algorithm)
• Chosen wayfinding path can be sent to a mobile device via QR code

Our e-Tenant System can make tenants’ updates on the go in a few easy steps by using our content management system. With our portrait and landscape oriented options, you can pick the screen orientation that best suits your location!

• Custom Branding and Imaging
• Interactive Company Logos
• Building and Facility Information
• Building Announcements
• Time & Date
• Weather
• News Ticker

Cyber World provides standard, and customizable queuing solutions to cater to diverse queuing problems faced by organizations. Our queuing solutions come with the capability to be integrated with digital signage solutions and customer feedback solutions to deliver holistic customer experiences.

• Allows you to customize your settings
• Integrates with different platforms
• Provides performance insights via reports and dashboards
• Enables you to engage waiting customers with digital signage

Using our digital menu board software easily and quickly create beautiful digital menu boards, edit your prices, add images, item descriptions, scrolling text, slideshows, videos. All changes wirelessly update the menu with minutes!

• HTML5 structure design
• Easy to create attractive templates
• Connect TXT, XML, CSV format files and database systems
• Download updated versions online