Outdoor Environment

Cyber World can offer different kinds of outdoor display solutions for the most challenging outdoor environments to provide outstanding readability to broadcast the information. Our display series offer an extensive range of different display types, including sunlight readable monitor, full IP65 display and outdoor LED display.

A sunlight readable display, also referred to as a high brightness display, allows for images to be easily seen even in environments with significant ambient light like outdoor digital signage or kiosks.

Traditional display screens struggle to deliver a clear picture in direct sunlight because they’re either not bright enough or can’t overcome the glare of the sun. Sunlight readable displays feature a higher brightness output and/or special screen coatings to combat screen glare.

SLD2118-E 21.5" TFT LCD
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SLD2415-E 24" TFT LCD
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DLD3200-L 32" TFT LCD
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DLD4300-L 43" TFT LCD
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DLD5500-L 55" TFT LCD
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DLD6500-A 65" TFT LCD
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Designed to be tough and rugged, the Full IP65-rated displays are ideal for use in harsh, wet and dusty environments, such as outdoor kiosks or spa pool kiosks.

This full IP65 touch monitor provides full IP65 protection including connectors, cables and Touch option.It brings more interaction to your outdoor application.

R08T200-65T1 8.4" Chassis LCD
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R15L600-65C3 15" Chassis LCD
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R17L500-65M1 17" Chassis LCD
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R17L500-65A1 17" Chassis LCD
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R19L300-65M1 19" Chassis LCD
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W22L100-65A3 22" Chassis LCD
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W32L300-65A3 32" Chassis LCD
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W42L100-65A3 42" Chassis LCD
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Cyber World’s outdoor LED displays are rugged, IP65 rated solutions that deliver high-resolution images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels.

Available in various pixel pitches, they generate the perfect picture at all times, even in direct sunlight.