Queuing System


  • Cyber World’s queuing system solution allows hospitals or clinics to manage patient flow management
  • Enables healthcare facilities to increase operational efficiency and service quality
  • Reduce patients’ waiting time and provide excellent healthcare experiences
  • Capability to be integrated with digital signage solutions and customer feedback solutions
  • Integrates with different platforms & easy to customize queuing settings
Easy Management
Real-Time Queue Status Display
Queue Data Analysis

Food & Beverage

  • Cyber World’s queuing system solution allows restaurant to manage customer queues and deliver information to customers in line
  • Customers no longer need to wait outside the restaurant and stand in physical lines
  • Increase satisfaction levels and improve customer retention rates
  • Reduce workload on the front-line staff and increase efficiency
  • Display can be divided into different areas to display current promotions or deliver information to their customers while waiting
Dashboard Management
QR code Scanner
In-store Promotions
Optimized Resources
Better Service

Customer Service

  • Cyber World provides queuing solution to cater diverse queuing problems faced by any customer service industry, such as banks, retail stores, and government institutions
  • Our solutions come with the capability to be integrated with digital signage solutions and customer feedback solutions to deliver holistic customer experiences
  • Decrease customer wait times, improve service efficiency, and increase revenue
  • Organizes waiting lines, creating a better customer experience
Dashboard Management
Multi Platforms Integrations
In-store Promotions
Better Customer Experience