Shopping Mall

  • Cyber World’s e-tenant solutions provide store directory in shopping malls with interactive screens, and touch displays experience
  • Instead of traditional tenant board, e-tenant solution is easy to update tenant names, locations or photos in any time & place
  • Provide custom design with 3D multi-building & multi-floor representation
  • Integrate any promotions, advertisements, or message relevant to your mall
  • Improve shoppers experience & increase visibility of shops
Centralized Content
Real-time update
Schedule Management
Advertisements for Tenants
Higher public awareness

Commercial Building

  • Cyber World ‘s e-Tenant solution can make tenants’ updates on the go in a few easy steps by using our content management system
  • Easy to update tenant names and locations
  • Incorporate way-finding, building events / announcements, weather feeds, and more
  • Comparing to traditional, digital tenant solution is easy to update and maintain in a low cost
Centralized control
Easy to update
Building and Facility Information
Building Announcements
Custom Branding and Imaging