Shopping Mall

  • Enhance any visitors experience with a 3D multi-building, multi-floor representation
  • Intelligent built-in wayfinding algorithm that auto-generates directions based on shortest path and ease of accessibility
  • Help users find the closest parking lot
3D Map View
Smart Pathway
In-store Promotions
Central Management


  • Natively integrate preferred routing, wheelchair accessibility, and detours with travel times, and traveling distances
  • Dynamically highlight to all visitors with animated directional arrows, icons, and listings throughout the buildings
3D Map View
Smart Pathway
Wheelchair Routes


  • Passengers can find airlines, airport services, restaurants, ground transportation
  • Embedded with Test, QR codes, or customer URL
  • Send multi-destination, multi-building, multi-floor, one-way, and popular locations to any users’ mobile device
3D Map View
Smart Pathway
Mobile App
QR code Scanner