Digital Signage


  • Cyber World offers an extensive range of commercial grade hardware including digital displays, media players, video walls and all-in-one touch screen solutions
  • Our CMS software allows users to edit content, set displaying schedule 
  • Easy to manage a diverse and complex digital signage network
  • Enable retailers to increase in-store traffic, customer engagement and revenue opportunities
Full Ranges of Display Options
Outdoor Environment Options
Content Management
Content Schedule
In-Store Marketing

Food & Beverage

  • Provide an user-friendly content management system for store owners to create and manage menu and advertisements
  • Users could edit content, set displaying schedule and synchronize multiple digital signage devices at the same time
  • Increase total revenue of the restaurant with promoting content shown on the digital menu board
  • Comparing to traditional menus, digital menu solution can decrease operating cost which includes printing and manpower cost
Content Management
In-store Promotions
Increase Foot Traffic
Boosts Sales Revenue


  • Professional display solutions provide personalization, information and communication purpose for hotel, travel, customer services industry
  • Content management system provides users to create and manage content
  • Create a unique and integrated brand experience to customers 
  • Boost company brands holistically, increase sales and traffic flow
Full Ranges of Display Options
Content Management
Promotions / Information
Better Service


  • Digital signage at airports, train stations or bus stops improves passengers travel experience
  • Providing a variety of functions including displaying timetables, service status, public announcements, and route-finding, etc
  • Not only real-time information, but also serves as public information or advertisements purpose
  • Full ranges of display options provided
  • Eye-catching displays help to attract audiences’ attention and boost sales from the advertisements
Full Ranges of Display Options
Outdoor Environment Options
Content Management
Promotions / Information


  • Enable organizations to display important and time-sensitive messages 
  • Including offices, lobby, reception, conference rooms, corridors, etc
  • Promote your brand and key messages to customers
  • Content management system allows target messages at different departments and locations
Brand Promotions
Corporate Communications